Friday, March 30, 2007

March Update – Part 2

March 11-15
On Sunday morning we left Pensacola Beach and headed to Orlando. The drive was pleasant but we discovered that our daughter does not share our “Is not the destination is the journey” attitude. “Mom, can I watch a movie?” “No, Baby Girl you have never been here before so why don’t you look out the window?” She replies “It is all trees, I have already seen them before” “Ok, you can watch a movie”.

We arrived at our hotel and checked in. One of the things we did for this trip was choose hotels that were a little more economical, like the Marriott’s Residence Inn - still not cheap, but cheaper than a full service Marriott. I don’t think we will ever do that again. Anyway, the next day I got sick and decided to save my energy for Magic Kingdom, so JR took the kids across the street to Sea World. I got a much needed rest.

The next day we headed to Magic Kingdom, something I will never do again during Spring Break. The park was packed. Crazy people were waiting an hour and thirty minutes - 1:30!! to ride the Big Mountain Thunder Railroad!! The ride is only 90 seconds long. I just love the Fast Pass feature because without it I don’t think we would have gotten on any of the rides.

On Wednesday we had tickets to see the Astros play the Braves in Kissimmee. I loved it. The players and the action are so close. It is a lot quainter than going to Minute Maid Park; it reminded me of community theatre. Hey!! There is a Panamenian on the team this year, his name is Carlos Lee. So, if you guys go to Minute Maid Park and see a crazy lady waving a Panamenian flag you all know it is me.

On Thursday we packed our bags and made our way to Miami, FL. Our hotel was in Coconut Grove, ok, for my Massachusetts friends – Coconut Grove is where 95 ends. Wow, I thought that was cool. I honestly did not like Miami at all. I don’t know whether it had to do with me getting my finger smashed by the car door or the hotel, but I just did not like it. The one good thing was that my awesome purses did get recognized, something that never happens in Houston.

To be continued…

Thursday, March 29, 2007

March Update – PART 1

Ok, I have been a bad blogger. I did not realize how long it has been until Greg emailed me and told me he missed me (ok, not exactly those words, but I knew what he meant)…thanks Greg.

March has been kinda crazy, the kids have been sick; I have been sick and busy with the sick kids, so all around a lot of fun. Something fun that did come out in March was Harrison’s bday – he had a fabulous car party, and Spring Break.

Vacations are always fun, we are a little crazy when it comes to planning because we usually come up with an idea and a couple of hours later everything is booked and we are ready to go, even though it might be months before we actually leave. Our vacation process works like this…”JR I really want to see Wicked again, but I do not want to see it in Houston again” “You know, wouldn’t it be awesome to go to London!” “Yes, Chica it would be great” So we start researching, London was a little too cold for me in March. So I find out that Wicked is in Miami during Baby Girl’s Spring Break. That is perfect weather!! At the same time JR tells me that the Astros’ Spring Training is in Kissimmee, just down the street from Miami. So everything is set, we will drive to Miami and stop along the way!!

March 9 – March 11
That was early release day for Baby Girl, and also Character Book Day, which I think should be another post all together, but I will tell you guys about it here. Anyway Character Book Day is when all the kids get to dress up as a character from a book and parade around the school carrying the book where they are from. Baby Girl went dressed up as Belle from Beauty and The Beast. I think it is the craziest thing that the kids get to dress up on a random day, but not on Halloween!!

The day was slow going. We were supposed to be packed and ready to go by noon, but it did not happen like that. We did not actually leave our house to close to 3pm. Our first stop was Pensacola Beach, FL. I don’t know what happened but the trip took forever. We are a driving family. We have driven to Boston, Panama City Beach, and Las Vegas from Houston, so a trip to Pensacola should be nothing. Maybe we were just so ready to get there, but the trip seemed like an eternity. Oh, yes, I almost forgot. It was The Sequels first huge car trip. I don’t know whether he got car sick or just felt like puking, but he would just open his mouth and stuff would come out. Since it was dark I could not see where the chunks landed so by the time we got to Pensacola my pants were covered in puke!

Pensacola Beach was a little cold. My laying on the sand sipping a frozen drink did not happen. The kids did have fun on the pool. The beach looked amazing. That night we went for a drive and (JR will be upset that I am mentioning this) our car got stuck in the sand. It took us two hours, a tow truck, and $60 to get us out. I think it is those moments that make a vacation memorable. I mean any one can go to Pensacola, but how many people get two hours to think of different ways to get a car out of the sand? Those are laughs no one else has.

To be continued…