Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Drug Issues Already?!!

The best time to catch up with your current events is when you are standing near the checkout counter waiting to be rung up. How else are you going to find out that Britney’s publicity pics have to be touched up because she looks like crap in every other magazine you open? Or what Brad and Angie are up to?

Anyway, as I am standing there I read that Paula Abdul has a drug problem. Not at all weird since a couple of seasons ago we were told that she spiked her coke with adult beverages. I mean, after having to listen to some really bad singers an addition is pretty understandable.

This season I had not seen signs of the “problem” until tonight. Did anyone else notice how weird she was behaving? And the fact that she had to leave early because of “family issues”? The whole thing was weird, and honestly I did not like the new Paula. She was as obnoxious as Simon!! That is just not good.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

American Idol Dreams

American Idol is getting inside my head and inside my dreams. I think it is kinda funny and hope I am not the only person this happens to, but don’t you think you sound so much better after hearing all those poor souls on TV? I find myself singing louder than usual and I actually think I sound good. Then I stop and realize that those delusions are what drive thousands of people to seek stardom on American Idol. I better be glad I no longer qualify or else I would be one of those fools on the tube.

Anyway, last night I had my first ever American Idol dream. I dreamt that I was one of the finalists – I saw myself on stage and all made up (I looked marvelous!) – and guess what song I was singing? Guess? I was actually singing George Michael’s Last Christmas. I don’t think I was going to win with that one. I do like the song, ok, I like it a lot and I am sad the radio stations only play it around Christmas, but I don’t think I could win American Idol with that song alone.

I do have a bone to pick with AI. I just don’t like the way they make people feel bad for the way they look. Ok, I can understand bad fashion sense, or bad hair, and being totally off on the make-up application, but to make fun of someone’s appearance, something they can not change, it is totally wrong!! Two thumbs way down to AI in that department. Booooo.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Woo, Hoo!!

Oh, Yeah! American Idol is Back!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Where is Chica?

I am so very glad that I did not make any New Year resolutions this year because I would of broke them all by now. One of my resolutions every year is to blog more frequently and as you can see I would have failed miserably! And do not even get me started on the eating better and exercise resolution.

Where have I been you ask? Well, I am hanging out, enjoying my days as an unemployed woman. I have been trying to connect with old friends and I am in the process of making some new ones, who knew that making friends could be so difficult, is worst than dating! (at least with a date you get a free meal). I have been going out to lunch, quiet frequently (which would have blown my “stop eating out so much” resolution), and trying to meet people. I don’t know, how do people make friends now days? Maybe I should put out a personal ad. I am laughing now just thinking about it.

Ok, so I am jobless. The question I get asked everyday is, how does it feel? Well, it really feels like a phantom pain, you know like someone that looses an arm or a leg, they still feel the sensation of the limb, but when they look it is not there. Well, that is exactly how it feels. I still feel the job around me, like if there is something that I am forgetting to do. It is so weird not to have to be attached to my phone all the time.

Ok, guys just wanted to say hi! I promise to be around more of ten in 2007. Well, ok, you guys all know how I am about resolutions ;)