Monday, May 30, 2005

Super Size Me - Update 8

I have finally lost some weight! Yippie for me. I guess I just needed to rethink the whole weight-loss thing. I am doing Slim-Fast twice a day and having a small meal at night.

Friday, May 27, 2005


I am Sorry that I have been gone for a really long time. I have just been extremely busy around here. Among the usual taking care of my two kids (wow, it still feels so weird saying it) and everything that goes along with that I also returned to work this week, a close friend's dad passed away, and we have a home makeover that was stalled when we received the wrong wood.

On Saturday the 14th before everything else happened I did attend the Art Car Parade. Here are some pics. My favorite and most creative car (in my opinion) was the student driver one. It even had a body dragging from the bag.

My friend's father passed away, he was only 65. I hate funerals because I never know what to say. I always say "hi, how are you?" all the time as it is, it comes out automatically without even thinking. I am such an idiot, how do I think they are doing?

I returned to work this week after being off for 12 weeks, yeap, I am feeling just like you are thinking. Last week my company lost a huge court case and was ordered to pay $125 million dollars. Of course is on appeal, but there might not be a job much longer. I already told my boss that if they start handing out severance packages I wanted to be one of the firsts, but the thought of going interviewing and kissing ass so I can get a job is not very appealing to me. Looking for a job sucks.

Like if I did not have anything else to deal with...earlier this year we had decided to replace the downstairs carpet with wood, matching the wood that was already laid down on the kitchen and dining room. Well, after special ordering the wood, waiting for it to arrive, getting it to the house, waiting the three days for the wood to acclimate, moving all our furniture to different areas of the house, calling the guys several time to install it, and having the guys pull up the carpet, leaving the concrete behind, it turns out that we got the wrong wood! I was so completely pissed off. After all that we had to return the wood (Home Depot does not carry the wood we needed) and start the process all over again. After a million calls I found someone that has the wood in stock and can install it next week, so hopefully we will have a new floor by next Friday.

Oh yeah, I to piss me off even more as of last Monday (May 23rd) I had only lost one extra pound. Bringing my grand total of pounds lost to 11.5 pounds. Yuck!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I went shopping today, I dunno why, I still have a million pounds to loose. I guess that I am feeling a little more optimistic since I started that Slim-Fast shake thing. Anyway, armed with my gift card (I returned the birthday gift the hubby gave me last year after I found out I was pregnant) I headed to my local Anthropologie store. Have I mentioned I just LOVE that place.

Well, I found a lot of cute stuff, ON SALE!!!, including that super cute sweater up top. Yes, yes, I know that it's summer, but I got it for super cheap. I also bought one for my sister. Also, just an FYI - the Anthropologie internet sale prices are a lot more than they are at the store, so save some money and go to the store, plus it is a lot more fun.

I plan to wear my new t-shirt (second pic) to the Art Car Parade this weekend. Who else is going??

I just figured out that this whole loosing weight business is a lot more fun when you can do it looking cute without worrying about the super sized clothes you are wearing. Yippie for me!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Asshole Dad

With a father like that who needs strange men lurking in the dark. Asshole!! I hope he dies in jail. What a f*&%er. Not only did he kill his own kid, but someone elses? Sick bastard.

Hmm, Hmm, Hmm...Toasty

I really wish I was able to sell a piece of toast for over $16,000 on Ebay. I don't know if the item was actually paid for, but if it was it just goes to show that people will truly buy anything. I really need to start paying more attention to my food.

Monday, May 09, 2005


Cheers - Cheers to Paula Abdul for being able to make fun of herself on Saturday Night Live. Yes, having a relationship with a contestant was wrong (I am assuming she did), but they are both consenting adults. I just wish she would of picked a better looking finalist.

Super Size Me - Update 5

No change in weight this week. Yuck! I am so dissapointed. I will start Slim-Fast tomorrow and hopefully will have better news next week.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Crazy White Chic

Let me start by saying that that Wilbanks lady needs to pay for the wasted time and effort of all those Police Officers and volunteers. People were actually concerned for the lady and she led people to believe that she had been kidnapped…that just ain't right. I am pretty sure the Police could have better used their time in solving real cases and finding REAL missing people.

I do not want to use the race card here I really do not, but the world is what it is. Wilbanks is a cute, well to do, white girl. "Oh, she just got cold feet" that is what everyone is saying, ohhhh, how cute. You all know, as well as I do, that if it would of been a Hispanic or Black chic running away, first of all, she would not of gotten so much media attention. Secondly, she would be getting a bill from everyone and maybe even be on her way to jail. And thirdly, she would be thought of as that crazy lady that needs psychological help.

I think she needs to pay!! She bought the bus ticket ahead of time, the whole thing was premeditated, she knew what she was doing! Plus, what the hell is she doing with 14 bridesmaids and 600 guests?

I know that planning a wedding is stressful and that some people want to please everyone, but a wedding is just about two people, the ones getting married. She better be glad that her fiancée still wants to marry her, but once again, she is just so cute running away and having everyone worry about her. I mean, she was just so stressed out; planning a party for 600 people is hard work. Crazy lady!

I really hope that the Duluth Police Department presses charges against her. Her wedding itself was costing around $100,000, the same amount that the Duluth P.D. says her "search" cost. I swear that if she goes on with her wedding and pays nothing I will scream! Ok, maybe not, but I will surely blog about it.

Super Size Me - Update 4

I actually broke the 10 pound loss goal for this week, but not by that much. I only lost a pound this week, sucks!, but it is not that bad considering that I went to San Antonio during the weekend and had Dairy Queen ice cream both days. A road trip is not the same without Dairy Queen! Who can blame me?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

San Antonio

We had a great weekend. We had our annual San Antonio trip. We started the tradition 4 years ago when Baby Girl was 7 months old. We took a picture of her in front of the Alamo and thought that it would be nice to take a picture every year in front of the Historical Landmark. We love San Antonio anyway so we kill two birds with one stone, we get to take Baby Girl's pic and we get to enjoy the city.

Texas is awesome in the Spring, every thing is so crisp, colorful, and the weather is great. All the trees are still bright green and the flowers are blooming and radiant. In a couple of months the flowers will be gone, the grass will be brown, and the trees will be barely hanging on for dear life...yeap, Texas is awesome this time of year.