Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Speaking of seasons...(Oct. 20 blog) Fall finally arrived in Houston. The temperature got all the way down to 47F. No, I do not miss Boston THAT much. Cold weather, though it is nice to think about and look at, specially with all the snow (everyone now - AHHH!!), has a way of slapping me and waking me up. No, I will stick to my original thoughts - winter sucks!

Ponderables...Why do candy companies bother making candy other than red ones? The other day I was thinking, as I watched a Mentos commercial, that everyone always fights over the red ones. It does not matter if you are eating Mentos, Starbursts, or Life Savers. I have actually opened packages and eaten just the red ones. I always try to pass the other flavors around but get "are there any red ones?". Huh, just a though. Hey, and what is up with the orange Starburst - YUCK!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Yeah, the season finale of Nip/Tuck was last night - awesome. I love that show. I can not believe that I have to wait till June 2004 to see it again. Doesn't 2004 seem so far away!! Anyway, I can not wait.

In The News...The whole Kobe Bryant thing is weird to me. I can not decide which side to take or if I even care for that matter. All that I can come up with is...why was she up in his room to begin with?? As a women the first lesson you learn is that you DO NOT go up to a guys room unless you want something to happen. What did she think they were gonna do watch tv? As a woman it makes me upset that I can not call him a rapist or hate him for that matter, but the fact is that they are both to blame since he did open the door.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Hello. This is my first entry...woo, hoo. I have been wanting to do this forever. I actually had one already but never did anything with it, but here I am all brand new and everything. I am so excited. Ok, ok...
I just realized how much I miss Mass., well, I do now, I won't when it starts snowing (ha, ha). I am currently in Marion, IL. (for work) and it reminds me so much of Mass. specially with all the fall foliage. I had forgotten how pretty it is. I leave Marion tomorrow, it was a nice city.

In The News...Today in USA Today there was an article about Jillian Barberie (I just LOVE her!) ... "Fox NFL Sunday weather girl Jillian Barberie lost several points by sporting a Barbie doll-type top that was below even the substandard she has set for football studio shows...". All I can say is HELLLLLOOO!!!!!!!!!! and who is he calling girl?? Maybe the reporter writing the story wanted the viewers to concentrate on the weather report!?! Well, if that is the case. why doesn't he complain that the outfits that the cheerleaders wear distract from the game?