Sunday, August 30, 2009

Depeche Mode

The Depeche Mode concert was ok. I really, really need to stop going to concerts from bands of the 80s. There is just one basic problem I think...In my mind those 80s bands stopped making music once I stopped listening to them, so, Songs of Faith and Devotion (1993) was pretty much the last record I remember from Depeche Mode. Without me noticing they went on to record a million other records that pretty much left me only knowing around 8 songs at the concert. A concert that I bought reserved tickets to because I thought I was actually going to know all the songs...crap!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

George Strait

Had a wonderful time at the George Strait concert last night. We actually did not leave the house until 7:15pm and made it to Reliant Stadium to hear a couple of songs from Sugarland. We got there so late that we did not have to pay the $30 parking fee! Score!! Anyway, George Strait was great.