Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Job

I finally got the call today. The lady on the other end said that I needed to go by Human Resources and fill out the paperwork. I told her that I had been getting kind of worried since I actually got hired 8 days ago and had gotten an email about getting fingerprinted, but had yet to hear from Human Resources. Anyway, she asked me when I could go in. I said, right away, of course!

I print out all the paperwork (a whole 25 pages) and fill them in before heading to sign on the dotted line. Everything is going fine until she tells me that she needs to contact the High School to see when they want my starting day to be. She asks me if I have a preference on when I want to start. There I go thinking of all the million and one things I need to get done like, nails, hair, and school clothes shopping, and tell her that this coming Monday (April 20) would be fine. Anyway she gets on the phone and tells me that the Assistant Principal wants me to start tomorrow, Wednesday (April 15). I kind of choked a little bit on my spit…WHAT??? Didn’t they read my thoughts? I said I still needed to do my nails, hair, and shop for school clothes, PLUS figuring out how my daughter is going to get to school since I need to be at the high school at 7am.

I left the HR building and drove a town over to give them my fingerprints. I hope nothing comes back negative now since I am not going anywhere, they are going to have to call the National Guard to remove me from my new job! While driving I had to cancel my noon hair appointment on Friday and change it to a time I can actually manage. I also had to call the nail place and hope that they could squeeze me in today. I drove to the mall and did some last minute, super fast, shopping, and actually managed to find a really cute shirt to wear tomorrow.

I am super nervous about the new job. I tend to get panic attacks before meeting new people and tend to stutter when I am nervous…yeap, it is going to be an interesting day!! By the way, in case you all were wondering…I am a Library Asst. at a High School.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

We Are Off To See The Wizard

On Sunday we went to the Hobby Center to see The Wizard of Oz. I thought my daughter would be a little more excited to see The Wizard since we are die hard Wicked fans, but that was not the case. Baby Girl kept saying that she had already seen the movie and that she had not liked it all that much...what? It is the front-end, pre-sequel, to Wicked!! Blasphemy!!

Our tickets sucked. We were all the way up in the peanut gallery section, well, I would say past the peanut gallery section. Since the husband and I are unemployed we decided to save some cash by sitting next to the people wearing sports jerseys and baseball caps. Some of them even had CROCS!!! Who goes to the theatre with Crocs??!!

Anyway, the play was ok. The doggie, Toto, did an amazing job. The music was good and the acting commendable. Overall I give it one thumb up! The play however got me super excited about seeing Wicked this summer in Austin. I can't wait.