Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hello 2007!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

What I am Thinking Right Now…

As of 5:00 CST I am not longer employed. I will not panic, I am not hyperventilating. I will be ok. Ok, Chica calm down, you did the right thing girl. You just could not be up every night at 3am. You are doing what is best. I need money – you still have two checks coming, do NOT panic. What am I going to do when I want to go shopping? Do I need to show JR all receipts? Ok, calm down, it will be ok, you have some savings, so you can use that if you need to. You can always sell everything you own on eBay.

I am kinda freaking out right now. I have not been unemployed since I was 14!!! Back in 95 when I was in school I was not gainfully employed, but I did have a full time non-paying internship. So, this is going to be fun. Crap!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Smells Like…

vomit all over my house!! The Sequel started throwing up last night, so we decided to have him sleep with us that way we could keep an eye on him. He kept waking up, every couple of hours, and making gagging noises, so JR would pick him up and take him to the sink. He was not as quick as I would have liked since gradually the whole bed was covered with towels. Later, in the wee hours of the morning JR decided that he was not going to get any sleep and took The Sequel to the home office. Yeap, you guessed it, it smells in there too. While that was happening I did manage to get a couple of hours of sleep. Eventually JR and TS came back up and the fun continued.

In the morning, all I hear is the desperate pitter patter of Baby Girl’s feet trying to make their way to bathroom, great!!

The clothes causalities were many; I think we all changed a couple of times throughout the night. The house has a funky sour milk smell to it and every so often I step on something wet and not recognizable. Wonderful. It is going to be a long Febreze day.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Gift

JR gave me this awesome pair of Chanel (6026B) sunglasses for Christmas. Yippie me, but I might not be keeping them since I was hoping for the more laid back (this one has a sparkling Swarovski crystals startburst design on each temple) Chanel 4126 design. I will keep you guys posted.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Season's Greetings



Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Get-Together

Come out and celebrate with us.

When: Friday, December 22.
Where: Warren's (218 Travis St. Downtown Houston)
Time: Around 6pm
Bring: A $15 generic gift if you would like to participate in the White Elephant gift exchange.

Woo, hoo. See you guys soon.

Early Christmas Gift

I just wanted to share my early Christmas gift with you guys. I could not resist. I actually fell in love and wanted the Gucci cruise line tote (same, but with a white trim and a white scarf), but could not find it anywhere (summer line). So, I got this one. I love it. The only problem is that it is so BIG. I need to buy things to put in it. I usually only carry around my cell phone, keys, and card wallet, so this is a change. Merry Christmas to me!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Life Update

Hey guys, I have been missing you all. Life has been crazy, I have been extremely busy, but that is all about to change since my last day at work is the 29th!! I am excited and kinda scared at the same time, but know that it is for the best.

The business has been doing incredibly well. I am actually pretty proud of myself, it has been a learning experience and of course I still have a lot to learn.

The year is almost over, wow, it has just flown by. It seems that the older I get the faster the world spins. I hope you guys have a great Christmas accompanied by your families and friends. We are actually hosting Christmas dinner at the house (yes, a lot of work) so it will be nice to see everyone and not have to drive to get there.

The kids are doing well and making me feel old. After Baby Girl opened one of the toys she got in her school’s Christmas (the word Halloween could not be uttered, but there was a huge Christmas celebration, which of course I organized) goodie bag, she looked at me and said “Mom, do you like my pretty bracelet?” I said, yes, and told her that is was not a bracelet, but something called a Slinky. We had a lot of fun trying to make it walk down the stairs.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Welcome to the World Emma!

Little Emma made her way into the world on Sunday morning. I am so excited for her parents Hanna and Michael. Congrats guys.

Hanna, welcome to motherhood.