Monday, January 31, 2005

A Sad, Sad Day in TV History

On Friday the last episode of Grounded for Life aired. Yes, I know that I am being overly dramatic with my entry title, but after 4 years of being a fan of the show it is a little sad to see it go.

I am a little bummed that my TV watching has been decreasing, this it is not because of a lack of shows, but it is because it seems that most TV time is being taken up by reality tv. I have always said - acting and drama should be left to the professionals! Yeap, I do not watch reality tv. The only "reality" show I watch is American Idol and that is because I like the singing or bad singing for that matter. I hate any show that when I turn it on till the time it ends there is people yelling at each other, talking bad about someone, or stabbing someone in the back. How is that entertainment?!!!

There are only two shows that I am religiously watching now days. They are Arrested Development and Life As We Know It. From what I have been reading Life is in hiatus and will not be returning. Great!!!

My other TV time has been spent watching the History and Discovery channels. It could be worse. At least I am learning something.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Who Said Eight Was Enough??

A couple of nights ago I stayed up to watch 14 Children and Pregnant Again! on the Discovery Health channel. I guess I wanted to see what would possess a person, in today's world, to have 15 children.

The name of the show intrigued me enough to watch, but it did not prepare me for what I saw. First of all, as the title implies, there are 14 children!!!! OMGsh, lets put it this way, I have a hard time handling one kid! The strangest thing was that the mom and the dad seemed really, really laid back, too laid back to have 14 children.

I guess what saves this family from chaos is their deep believe in god. The mom and dad said that after their first kid they just decided to let god give them as many kids as he wanted. So, I take it that there will be many more kids to come. Also, because of their beliefs the girls do not wear pants and wear their hair long, oh yeah, they also make all their own clothes.

The weirdest part of all this, well, I should not say weird - different strokes for different folks, is that they HOME SCHOOL all their children!!! bam, bam, BAMMMM. More power to them.

After the show I felt a little too materialistic. Wouldn't it be nice to live life without worrying about what you are wearing or how people are seeing you? Wouldn't it be nice to be 100% involved in your kid's life and not feel, as a mom, like you have to work to achieve personal and financial goals? All this made me think a lot about life, of course until I went to the Galleria and found this pair of Louis Vuitton shoes I must have. Sigh, oh well.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A New Year - A New Post

Hello all. I hope you all had a great Christmas, New Year and are now well rested and back to work. As you all have seen I have taken a month sabbatical from blogging. At first I was just very busy running around getting the house ready for the holidays, then I was thinking that since I had not blogged in so long I better have a new/improved site. Well, the more I thought about improving the site the less creative I got. Later, I started thinking about the content of my blog, could it change? Should I introduce a cast of characters? You all know, those crazy people we see in our everyday life that give us something to talk about. I thought and thought about the possibilities and outcomes; finally a month later the site still looks the same so I just had to face the fact that I have just been lazy.

2004 – The holidays were great. We had a good Christmas and a great New Year. For New Year we had some family friends from out of town visiting so it was nice to be able to spend New Years with them.

Resolutions –The New Year came and went and I did not make any New Year's resolutions. All of the sudden, during one of those 75 degree January Houston days, I decided that it would be nice if I had at least one. I thought about it and came up with one that I thought would be easy to keep up with. Anyway, less than 24 hours later I failed miserably at my lone resolution. The resolution? you ask, well it was to try and be more patient with stupid people.

Pregnancy Update – I have 6 weeks to go. Baby Girl was 2 weeks late, so I am not sure when the Sequel will show up. Oh, yeah, the Sequel is a Boy!

Work – Since I am over 7 months pregnant I am no longer traveling for work. It is nice to know that for the next 5 months I will be home. I have not decided what I will do after the Sequel gets here, after my three month leave, but my boss seems pretty open to me staying at home with some very light travel.

Shopping – Since the end of this pregnancy is finally in sight I have started to look at clothes with new found enthusiasm. Yes, there is the weight issue to consider (it is supposed to take 9 months to go back to your pre-pregnancy weight), but buying awesome clothes will be an incentive to workout. Weight will be a major topic of conversation as 2005 progresses.

Cast of Characters – Yes, the only thing that came out of the month sabbatical. You all know the following:
  • Chica – Yours truly
  • J.R. – Husband.
  • Baby Girl – Daughter, even though her nickname should really be smartass.
  • Sequel – My soon to be born son.
  • Loca – My sister, you will not be reading much about her since she does not like to be talked about, but for anyone interested she is single and super cute. I can provide references from people that have met her.
    New Character:
  • David Koresh or just “Koresh” for short – Many people think that Koresh died in Waco, but that is not so. Why would he kill himself?? Anyway, he has turned up in my neighborhood.

Ok, guys that is it for me. I promise to be back posting on a regular/or irregular basis, but posting none the less.