Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

There are several shelters that have been opened around the Houston area to accommodate the thousands of people that have been evacuated from their homes because of the hurricane.

This is a current list of shelters and more are being added daily. Starting tomorrow people will begin being bused from Louisiana and Mississippi to the Astrodome.
These places need volunteers or you can give anything you can, any amount helps, to the Red Cross.

It was their turn this time and tomorrow it maybe ours, so give anything you can or just help out.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So Sad

My heart completely goes out to anyone that had to go through the hurricane Katrina. I feel so sad just reading some of the news stories on

I am speechless, all I can say is that I am so, so sorry.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Busy, Busy...Timmmmber!!!

Wow, we had a super busy weekend and here is the recap…

Friday Night – We made our way to The Flying Saucer in Downtown Houston for a long overdue Tiara Happy Hour. I had not been to a Tiara since December, so it was nice to see everyone again.

Saturday – We got up early because we were invited to a Birthday breakfast for a 2 year old. The party was to start at 9:30am in Sugarland, Tx (the complete opposite point of were I live). The party was for little Mark the son of a Middle School friend of mine. I had not seen them in a while, so we made the trip.

It’s a small world, at the party there was another person there that attended the same school at the same time. I did not recognize him, and you guys know what a dork I am when it comes to stuff like this, so when I got home I busted out my 1985 Ollie Middle School yearbook and reminisced about the past.

Speaking of birthday parties…it has come to my attention that more and more people are having what I call eclectic get-togethers. Saturday we had the Birthday Breakfast and Friday we have a kid’s birthday party at 5:30pm. I don’t know how to feel about the new trend, I guess it is like going to a Wedding on a Thursday afternoon, you know you are going, but it just takes you a little while to get used to the idea.

Saturday Night – We went to a friend’s birthday get together. It was a low key game party. We played this game called spoons, it is played with, yes, you guessed it, spoons and playing cards. The whole game goes really fast and can get violent at times. I being a lover not a fighter was the first one out.

On our way home there was a huge storm, a lot of lightning and thundering. When we got home, I could not believe my eyes, one of the trees in the front lawn had fallen down, and by fallen I mean all the way from the root straight down. Gasp. What the hell?

Sunday – We spent the whole day slicing up the tree and branches. There is now a big hole where the tree used to be, so sad.

Friday, August 26, 2005

How Do They Do It??

How do some women have the power to look awesome/flawless at all hours of the day?

This is a conundrum that has perplexed me for some time now. As most of you guys know I work from home and my every day uniform consists of shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes, and ponytail. I am pretty low key most of the time. If I go out, well, I dress up, but most of the time I am just hanging. I would think that that would be the case for most women with children living around me in the suburbs, but it is not.

Baby Girl has gymnastics at 10:30 am and I can swear that people get dressed up to go there. These women have makeup, hair done, and cute matching clothes. These women look like they are going to a party afterwards or something. I experience the same thing when I drop off Baby Girl at school. Her drop-off time is 8:50-9am, by the time I am assuming that most parents there are stay at home, but I pretty much see the same thing there. The only thing that saves me is the car line. I can wear dark shades, a hat, and drop her off without having to get out of the car.

Going to the Y sucks also (I go mid-day because I hate crowds). You would think, ok, one, it is the Y and two, people are there to exercise and get sweaty, but that is so not the case. Women actually go there with makeup and their hair done! Ok, I can understand that one day they had a meeting or something, but everyday I have been there??!! I don’t think so.

I just don’t know how they do it. Maybe I am just a slacker that cherishes her sleep a little bit too much. When I go out out it takes me one hour to take a shower, put makeup on, do my hair, and get dressed. I would not do that every day unless I had paying job to go to. Maybe these mommies are dressing for success, but who do they talk to about getting a raise??

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Super Busy

I have been super busy this week. I have had to work almost every day, I really hate that!!

I did so good with blogging last week that this week I feel like a complete slacker, but do not worry as soon as things die down I will tell you guys all about the fabulous life I lead ;)

Oh, yeah, some light at the end of the tunnel, Friday is Tiara night here in Houston, we will be meeting at The Flying Saucer at around 8:00pm, if anyone is interested come on down. I can really use a few beers and some good conversation right about now.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gas Prices SUCK!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

LA Bound...

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Tomorrow I am heading to sunny Los Angeles for work. I will be staying in Manhattan Beach. I am, oh, so excited (sarcastic). I will let you know how things went as soon as I can.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Baby Girl started school today. She just looked so cute in her little uniform. She was SO excited this morning that she got up with out me even waking her up.

I, on the other hand, was extremely confused this morning. I was told that her school ran with the same schedule as CISD, but they don’t start school till tomorrow. I woke up this morning expecting to see a line of cars behind my fence (we live right behind an elementary school), but there were no cars. So, as any person would do, I started questioning my sanity. I tried calling the school, but there was no answer. It became a Twilight Zone moment for me…is it this week or next? What day is it?

I figured I would get Baby Girl ready anyway, make her a lunch, take some pics, and drive to the school just to be sure. My mom that was with me told her “we are going for a ride to the school just for fun, if there are kids there you will get off, if not we will just have a fun ride”. We just did not want to get her hopes up, but Baby Girl quickly added, “We can go on a picnic”.

We drove to the school and, yes!!, there were cars there. I walked her in and she gave me a kiss and said bye. I know she is doing great, but my heart just can’t understand that she is getting older; I guess I am the one that is having a harder time growing up. Sniff, sniff.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Good Idea/Bad Price

I am not one of those mothers that has pictures of her kids plastered all over the place, but when I saw this, I was like “I could do that!”

I mean, why get those boring stamps at the post office – you know the ones with the pictures of people you have never heard of or the ones that make you feel totally guilty that you are no supporting the “in” cause. Anyway, when I saw those personalized stamps advertised in a magazine I said to myself “I will buy boring stamps no longer!” Who wouldn’t love these things? What could keep someone from personalizing their invitations and envelopes with their own creation? Well, I came to find out…The Price!

You can normally buy a set of 20 stamps for $7.40, but these people are selling 20 personalized stamps, for the very high price of, $16.99!!

To say the least, my bubble popped as fast as it had been inflated. I immediately thought, the flag stamps are not so bad; a personalized stamp will work the same as an ugly one; plus, nobody keeps the envelopes anyway.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Wickedly Awesome

This weekend I got tickets for Wicked. The show is part of the Broadway Across America series and will be in Houston the last week of October until Nov. 13, 2005. I thought it would be a great show to see for Halloween so we got tickets for Oct. 30th. This will be Baby Girl's first theatre show, I am so excited...yes, I am a dork!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I so want a new cell phone that I fabricated a lie to get one. Yes, I know, I am going to hell, but at least I will have a new phone.

Lately, I have been thinking that I NEED a camera phone (I have an external camera phone, which sucks) that way I can take pics when I am on the go and blog about them without having to haul my camera around.

One of the things I HATE about myself is that when I want something I will dwell on it forever and it will consume my every minute of my every day until I get it. I got the thought in my head a couple of days ago and yesterday I found my phone, the only thing is that it is pretty much sold out everywhere.

It has a 2 pixel camera with flash, zoom capabilities, TV, and I can store music on it. Oh, yeah, and I guess it works as a phone too, plus other things I am not concerned with, blah, blah, blah. Full features here.

Anyway, the phone retails for $499 – WHAT?!! Anyway, this morning I called my boss and told him that I thought I needed a new phone because my old phone was not keeping a charge. I also told him that I had changed the battery and it was still not working properly. Geez, I suck, I really do. I hate myself for the lie.

I will probably pay for it (karma) because I can not find that phone anywhere. If anyone sees it, it is a Samsung MM-A800, please let me know.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Real Boston Update

Our Boston trip was a lot of fun. We left on Saturday morning at around 5:30am for the airport...yeap, a little too early for me (JR booked the trip). I must say that The Sequel was awesome on the plane, I was a little afraid at first he being a little more needy that Baby Girl at that age, but I guess the both have good traveling genes because they were both great on the plane.

After we got the car, which was hell, because we seem to have the stroller from hell that did not fit in a regular sized trunk, we made our way to our hotel room in Bedford, MA.

The day was awesome, sunny, breeze, no humidity, so we decided that it was a good day to go to the beach. After talking to a couple of people we decided on Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

After the beach we were invited to dinner at a friend’s house. Thanks Gus and Steph. They are the couple that you love to hate, the kind that has a great kitchen and came make dirt taste awesome. Yeah, I hate them!

On Sunday we made our way to Concord, Mass to the North Bridge, the site where the firsts shots of the Revolution were fired. I don’t know why, but I really like that place. I guess I just remember being pregnant with Baby Girl and going there for a picnic or to take a nap next to the water. I think it is just so neat that there is so much history in and around Boston.

From there we drove down to Boston. I wanted to take a pic of The Sequel at the Public Garden near the ducks. Baby Girl had a picture taken there at the same age, so I thought it would be nice to do the same thing with The Sequel.

One thing I never did while living in Boston was ride the Swan Boats. They have actually been there since the early 1900s. I guess is one of those things that you do when you have a child that desperately wants to get on them.

For me there is nothing better to do in Boston than strolling through the park (with great weather) and looking at the flowers, statues. It is just a nice place.

After the park we walked up Boylston Street to Copley Square.

On Monday through Wednesday I had training at the office, so I was not able to go out and see the city. But on Thursday I had a day off (the rest of the group went on a gambling boat, so I opted out of it) so we decided to drive up to Gloucester and go whale watching.

We so totally lucked out this year with the weather. Last year when I was there in the summer it rained all week and it was unusually cold. I am supposed to be up there again in December, I really, really, hate snow and it just so happens that the first snow of the season usually falls the days that I am there.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Boston Update

We have had an amazing week here in Boston. I MUST write a longer update and download some pictures as soon as I have time, it is 3am and I got stuck working a maint window up here, ughhh.

We head back home tomorrow and I will have to put my Superwoman cape on because Baby Girl's 4th bday party is Saturday and there is lots to do. She will be having a Strawberry Shortcake Swimming Party, please keep your fingers crossed so it doesn't rain.