Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blogger Meet-Up Pics

Here are is a pic…

More pics on flickr, check them out.

Thanks to everyone that made it out, especially with all the rain and yuckiness. It was fun seeing everyone again. Lets do it again soon.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blogger Meet-Up

Houston Chicas and Chicos, we are having a blogger meet-up. It has been so long since the last one, I so miss everyone. Ok, here are the details...

Place: Ginger Man (5607 Morningside - Rice Village)
When: February 24th - Tomorrow Friday
Time: 7pm

Hope to see you all there, if you plan on coming post the meet-up on your blog or just do it spread the word.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American Idol

I think it was a lot harder to pick the worst boys than it was to pick the girls. Here are my picks on who might go home Thurdsday night.

I don't know about the last guy, but I don't like him.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Reality TV

I am not a big reality TV fan, but as you all know American Idol started up again, and that is, well, pretty much tradition in my household. Another show that I started watching last year was Project Runway on Bravo. I think it is amazing how those people can put together a garment that looks good in a limited amount of time. I have a sewing machine and have sewn from time to time, but let me tell you I only sew straight lines and only on cotton.

Right now on Project Runway there are three finalists that faced off during New York’s Fashion Week and one of them is Houston’s own Chloe Dao. Here is a pic of us during one of our happy hours.

You can see all the Fashion Week outfits here. Good luck Chloe. Her boutique Lot 8 is located in the Rice Village.

American Idol
The clock is running down on two of the 12 girls on American Idol. Some of the girls are amazing and some others not so much. Here is my take on who sang her last song (ok, I am not a psychic so I will choose who I thought were the worst four).

I have been surprised before, but I really think that two of these ladies are going to be saying their auf Wiedersehen's Thursday night.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ride From Hell

I officially hate winter. I have hated winter before, but never to this depth. Today in our way back home to Houston from Memphis we encountered the worst weather conditions ever. It took us 8 hours to get from Memphis to Little Rock, a trip that usually only takes 2:30!! The highway was covered with a two inch thick layer of ice. We were going 20 miles per hour the whole way. The whole experience was pretty scary; we would be driving and all of the sudden the car would start skidding, yikes. We saw overturned 18 wheelers, RV, and cars. Several cars lost control right in front of us…AHHHHHH!!! We decided to stop and spend the night in Little Rock, I really hope we can make it back home tomorrow. Wish us luck.

Picture Blogging

In Memphis,Tn.

Monday, February 13, 2006

This and That

I so need to blog, but can not really think of anything, so here goes a little bit of everything.

This weekend we had our Second Annual Valentine’s Day Brunch. My friends live all over Houston so we designated a day that we get together just to catch up and talk. We do see each other at birthday parties and gatherings, but it is just nice to see each other without other things going on.

I am currently in Dallas working, some weird maintenance window thing. I will be up all night, great. When I travel it is pretty much the only time I get to watch tv uninterrupted. I must say that I really, really hate that guy from CSI Miami (you know, the one with the red hair). I mean they want to make every time he is on camera a dramatic moment. Oh, and the way he delivers the lines… “But (dramatic pause) who?” and “Is (dramatic pause) it?” And of course who can forget the taking off of the sunglasses.

What is up with Britney Spears? She looks like crap. She has lost the baby weight and all, but her face looks, well, not right. Her husband looks like crap too.

Also, what is up with Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow? I know they broke up, but didn’t she just say that she wanted 6 or 7 kids by him? I never approved of that relationship. He was married and had kids; a marriage is hard enough without having some skinny rich lady shaking her stuff in front of your man.

Cheez, I am in such a loving mood. On Cupid’s eve I should be talking about love and red hearts, and more love, and happiness, but I am stuck in Dallas watching crappy tv. With that, I wish you all a great Valentine’s Day. Much Love.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Freaky Family

I have looked at Craigslist a lot, seen it all, and I have never, ever, come across an ad like this. Please bear in mind that this ad was posted in the baby/kid items for sale.

Couple with Toddler Seeking Friendship with Similar Couple

Do you love the T.V. show Yes,Dear? Do you wish that was your social life? Well, we may be just the friends you are looking for. I have a personality like Christine and my husband is more like Greg. I am 26 and he is 28....we have 2 kids, and 19 month old girl and a 7 month old boy. We like movies, pool, board games, camping, the beach, the zoo, childrens museum, etc. We have outgrown our friends, they are still single and have no idea what a life is like when you are married with kids...they still go clubbing...this life is not for us anymore! We rarely have baby sitters, so activities that involve the whole gang are good. Maybe you guys could come over and let your kids play with ours while we drink wine, play board games, and talk? Maybe we could all go to the zoo, or the park?

Here is a list of the qualities we admire and are looking for:

  • 1. Honesty

  • 2. Laid Back

  • 3. Fun Loving

  • 4. Working Professional

  • 5. Intelligent/Clever/Resourceful/Good Common Sense

  • 7. Open Minded

  • 8. Good Sense of Humour

  • 9. Nice

Email me and lets chat some more.

The last line really got me…“Maybe you guys could come over and let your kids play with ours while we drink wine, play board games, and talk?” I keep thinking of that weird couple on Saturday Night Live called The Lovers - The English Professors played by Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch. Freaky.

Update - I just noticed that No.6 is missing. I wonder what was there. Anything before "open minded" had to of been interesting.

Friday, February 03, 2006

I Have Been Tagged...

Yesterday I got a comment from Cybertoad saying that I was tagged. In the past I have always stay away from filling these out, because, well, I don’t know, I just have, but pretty soon you will find out why. Anyway, since I was tagged, I better get to it.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
Well, I have had over 14 jobs so it was kinda hard to narrow it down to just four. I will list my four latest.
1) Network Analyst – Not as intense as it sounds.
2) Public Relations/Event Coordinating for a Non-Profit – With the key word being Non-Profit.
3) TV News Reporter – Yes, as cool as it sounds.
4) Internships – I had several internships in College, but my PAYING job before that was as a Payroll Specialists.

Four movies you could watch over and over again (not to be confused with favorite movies):
Not in favorite order -
1) 10 Things I Hate About You
2) Dangerous Liaisons
3) Anything by John Hughes
4) Blade

Four TV shows you love(d) to watch (among many others):
1) Dead Like Me
2) It’s Always Sunny In Philadenphia
3) Nip/Tuck
4) Arrested Development

Four places you’ve lived:
1) Mexico
2) Panama – Central America, not Florida
3) Boston, Mass
4) Houston and surrounding areas.

Four places you’ve been on vacation to:
Another hard one see my 43 Places link. I will just write down the most fun.
1) Aruba
2) Venice
3) Munich for Octoberfest
4) Cancun – Visiting Chizen-Itza and Tulum.

Four places you would rather be (or where you’ll like to visit):
1) Hawaii
2) Japan
3) Egypt
4) At the beach, not Galveston.

Four of your favorite foods:
Another crazy question…one does not get to be kinda chunky by not loving food.
1) White Rice
2) Pasta
3) Arroz con Pollo
4) Ice Cream

Four websites you visit daily:

1) eBay
2) Craigslist
3) My blogging friend’s websites.
4) Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo for email.

Four tagged:
1) Chris
2) Greg
3) Sandra
4) Gretchen

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Here Is What Happened...

Tuesday was the day from hell. I was in a rush the whole day. I woke up, got ready, and took Baby Girl to school. I drove to BFE because I was invited to a resale party and since I love anything with the word resale on it I went. I found out that Houston is HUGE. It took me a whole hour to get there.

After the party, in which I got a lot of neat stuff, I drove to my Doctor’s office. It seems that the new Walgreens can not get their act straight and can not seem to be able to contact a doctor (I have been trying for a month!!) for a prescription refill, so I had go and pick up a written prescription.

After the DRs I went to the post office. I forgot to mention that I had stayed up really late on Monday (or Tuesday morning) night getting the sold eBay items ready. I made a whopping $250. At the post office, like usual, there was the line from hell. Hell is getting very, very popular.

After that I drove home and got JR to take me to Avis to pick up a rental car. Another wait, great!

Behind the wheel of the rental I went to drop off the prescription at Walgreens. The prescription would be ready in an hour, so I drove home and packed.

JR went to pick up Baby Girl at school and I went to pick up my mother (both Baby Girl and my mother are going with me on the trip). My mother informs me that she left her wallet in my step-dads car and needs me to take her to pick it up, great.

I finally get home and get everything in the car. On the way out I stop at the drive-thru window at Walgreens to pick up my prescription. There is a line from hell and people keep stacking up behind me. One more car and I am next, I say. Well, I was waiting behind that car for the next 20 minutes!!! I could not back up, I was stuck. The only reason I was able to free myself was because everyone behind me moved to the second lane. I was furious!! When I was finally able to back up I drove around and went inside. I hate those people!! I spoke to the Pharmacy Manager and told him there is a reason they have a drive-thru and express pay - it is supposed to be fast. He just looked at me with that “I am not really listening” look. I wanted to jump across the counter and slap him.

With prescription in hand we finally make our way to Dallas. Yippie!! The excitement would not last long, at about 90 miles from Houston the traffic comes to a complete stop and we are taken off the freeway and into HELL. We were on stop and go traffic, on a two lane narrow road, for about an hour, we went through Falba, and Midway,Texas. I am about to kill someone when all of the sudden I look and see a beautiful sunset. I guess that is all I needed to take me to my Zen place. All the hatred just melted away, ahhhhhh.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Phone Blogging

A great ending to a crappy day.