Sunday, February 29, 2004

Fever Night, Fever Night, Fever....

I feel like crap today. I have been under the weather for a couple of days now, but I think it finally caught up with me. Very early this morning I had to drop John off at the airport and when I got back home I went to bed and fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. I woke up and caught two episodes of the Quantum Leap Marathon on the SciFi channel. I just loved that show.
Yesterday, when I went to Walgreens I should of gotten something stronger for my cold, instead I got Tylenol Cold, stupid, stupid, stupid me. Anything with the name Tylenol should really only be used for headaches, pain, and fevers. My nose was still dripping after I took the darn Tylenol Cold. Live and learn.

On a happier note...Yesterday John and I had dinner with Elaine and her husband Kenny. We had a nice dinner and chat at Cafe Piquet. Thanks guys it was fun.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

The Ironies of Life - 1

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I bought a bag of Always Super Overnight Maxi Pads. I have always used Always slender maxi pads for my everyday period needs, but I thought that it would be better if I bought the larger ones for overnight, you know, for that secure feeling, and left the slender ones for my day needs. Anyway, let me describe these Super things...they are huge. I mean, they go from my belly button to the other side of my back, they are still slender though, so hardly, gasp, noticeable.
The next day, after wearing the Overnights for the first time, I woke up and headed for the toilet, like I usually do. As I am sitting there I look down and see my underwear - there is a huge blood stain on the back! The liquid had completely skipped the pad and gone straight for my underwear!! I am sitting there in shock/disbelief with a "how can that happen?" look on my face. As I am pondering this I decide to check my pajama pants and see that they have also fallen victim to the horror. Oh, Great!! The last time something like that happen I was a teenager and had gotten my period during the night. I could not believe it. So much for that "secure" feeling I thought.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

11 Year Old Girl Will Soon Be A Boy

Yesterday on 48 Hours Investigates they showed an 11 year old girl that "feels" she is a boy. The girl at 11 has started to wear boys clothes and get a short hair cut, well, she has pretty much started to live her life as a boy - she even changed her name. The only thing is that she is entering puberty and breasts are starting to develop. To solve this dilemma the mom takes her to a doctor, that after a psychiatric evaluation, approves her to start hormone therapy. Taking the drugs will stop her from getting her period and make her body more male than female.

Ok, here is my take...Isn't she a little bit too young! I mean, teenage years are rough without having to worry what restroom you are going to go into. Much Luck to Him.

Monday, February 23, 2004

No Hollywood for me!

I went to Jury selection this morning and I am disappointed to say that I was not chosen for a trial, well, actually, no one was (from my group). It turns out that both cases entered a guilty plea, so our assistance was not necessary. Boo, hoo. I was already thinking of a book title.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention I saw Lost in Translation Saturday night. I loved the cinematography - scenery and camera movement were awesome, the sound - great use of music, the Karaoke - who doesn't love karaoke, but I did not enjoy the story line at all. One thumb up, one thumb down.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

His name is John !!!!

Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the ending of Sex and The City was super sweet. The last episode had the right mixture of sappiness and humor (just enough to keep me from crying). I have been a Sex devotee from the start and the show will be incredibly missed. To celebrate the finale, as well as to satisfy my new year's resolution of doing new things, I made a special cake decorated with the fab four girls of Sex (Samantha is wearing her Foxy Brown wig, I just love that one!). Yes, the cake looks kinda hokey but, hey, it was my first time decorating a cake. It tasted hummy though.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

My watching of the last episode of Sex and The City will be hampered by the fact that I have to work at 2AM (Monday) and I have to show up to see if I will be picked for jury duty on monday at 8AM. Ok, I am not letting that stop me from enjoying the best finale of this decade.

I am, for some weird reason, looking forward to going to jury selection. This will be my first time and I am trying to keep an open mind about the whole process, even though everyone has been telling me it is not as exciting as I am imagining it to be. I am hoping to get pick for a high profile case in which the jurors need to be sequestered. The case will be so huge and such a traumatic experience for me that I will write get a book. The book will later be made into movie that will become a blockbuster. The movie goes on to win an Oscar and I become Hollywood rich. Woo, hoo, watch out world here I come!!! Ok, ok, I guess the O.J. Simpson case has really warped my perception of what really goes on, but I can dream.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Got the cutest fabric and made one of those picture thingies. I don't know what my creation is called but it has ribbons that cross one another and you put the pics in between the ribbons. Does anyone know what they are called? I have been searching online but I don't even know where to begin. Anyway, I made it and it turned out real cute. The reason I made it was because I fell in love with the fabric and need it to use it quick before it joined the other yards of fabric stored waiting for a "project" idea. Every time I open the box where the fabrics are stored I see them get a little fluffier and I quickly apologize and inform them that one of these days their day will come and quickly close the box. That could not happen with this fabric. I am actually thinking of making it my blog theme. I am getting tired of this one.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The word for today is too tired. Or is that 2 words? Anyway, don't know, don't care. I was working till 3 am this morning and stayed up and extra 2 hours working on my personal website. There is no end in sight. Every time I reopen a page I see something that needs changing or something that I am not happy with. Anyway, I keep telling myself that eventually it will get done but I keep taking more picks. Bringing my total number of pages that need to get done up to 15. I am so tired.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I just finished watching Sex and The City. Carrie looked amazing, her dresses were gorgeous. I just love that show. I am NOT looking forward to next week when the last show airs. Today's show was so romantic. I kept telling you guys that she just had to end up with Mr. Big. Well, he showed up today, ohhh my gawd, it was awesome. Will keep you guys posted. Good Night.
I am completely baffled by the news story I just heard and hope that if anyone was on that American Airlines flight they demand a refund. The full story can be read on CNN. To make a long story short or just in case you don't want to read the American Airline pilot, while flying a plane from L.A. to N.Y, said that he had just come back from a mission trip and asked all Christians to raise their hands. Then told people that if they were not Christian they were "crazy". He then encouraged all to look around and use the flight "wisely". This is crazy!! not only do I have Christians knocking on my door trying to convert me but now I have to deal with them after I pay for a plane ticket? I mean, if I had gotten a free flight on Christian Airlines I would understand, but this is ridiculous. People are allowed to have their own beliefs and have their opinions known and one is allowed to listen to them if one wants or NOT, but where the hell are you supposed to go to get away from them if you are in a plane?? If I would of been on that plane I would of asked for a refund.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Women Must Unite!!!! There is a conspiracy out there I am getting to the bottom of it. Do you guys know that I paid over $10 to get a razor and that was the cheapest I could find. What is up with that!

I went to Target to get a razor, but could not find any below $8.00, not even disposable ones. There was another lady looking with me and we just stood there staring at the aisle of razors in horror. Anyway, I thought, "I will just go to Sam's and get me a big pack that will last forever" so, I did, but the only thing I found was a $26 dollar pack of just blade refills, no razor. At that point I told John "I am no longer going to shave (I have done it before to stand up against oppression, but John never goes for that and bugs me every day until I shave). Plus, where is it written that women have to shave anyway?? It is just a way for men to, again!, control us and keep us shackled in the chains that are this society!!". He just rolled his eyes.

I just wish I didn't have to shave and that no one would looked at me funny when I don't. I just remember this one time when I missed a couple of hairs on my leg and was wearing shorts. I mean, do not get me wrong, my hairs do not show that much, but are noticeable if I am just sitting there, with my legs crossed, and the leg committing the offense is on top. Anyway, someone sitting across from me just kept staring at my leg. It was not till I got home that I realized that some hairs had dodged the blade and were waving hello at everyone that passed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Finished reading The Da Vinci Code a couple of nights ago. I LOVED the non-fiction parts of it, but hated the fiction parts. I hated the fact that "Langdon", one of the main characters, seems like a 007 type. I mean, he seemed to be able to get out, miraculously of situations that every one else would of died at. Also, what was up with the love interest at the end???? It just seemed too Hollywood. I heard they are making a movie and from the looks of it they will not need to work too hard to adapt the book in to a screenplay. I hope they do not use any hokey actors, you know, one of those pretty boys.

Anyway, I did like the non-fiction part of the book. I was glad I had read, among other books, When God was a Woman and Don't Know Much About the Bible: Everthing You Ever Wanted to Learn About the Good Book But Never Learned because they really helped me understand the background/history of what was going on in The Code. I will read the Gnostic Gospel after the current book I need to finally finish reading.

It looks like I will be heading for LA next week. I don't know how I feel about it. I am glad I am going because it has been a while since I have been there and I will get to see my cousin and my good friend Sylvia. But, I don't want to go because I will leave Olivia behind and I have so much to do at home. Plus, this is crazy, my company has gotten a stick up its A@S and we no longer have access to the internet. Before I was able to take my laptop and, with AT&T dial up, surf the internet, but now NOTHING!!! They are sucking. I sent my laptop in for and upgrade and when I got it back everything that I had downloaded had been taken out. Nazis.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Olivia had her first gymnastics class yesterday. She was too cute. I was so afraid that she was going to be afraid to go in, or make a scene, but she did not, she walked in with the other kids (the moms stay outside and look at them through a glass wall) and was all happy. I guess I was the one afraid of letting go. My little baby is growing up. I feel all sad, all this time I have been right there protecting her and, if it came to it, beat someone up in a moments notice, I was super MOM, but I guess it is time for me to realize that I will not always be around to stick up for her. That is scary, but I have to realize that she has to grow up, live her life, and eventually become a super hero just like me!

Monday, February 09, 2004

Actually, I was wrong. The yard does look a lot better with the mulch. It looks well maintained and manicured. The bad side to all this is that my back is killing me. When I woke up my back and my legs were in serious pain. I guess it was worth it. We also saved $280 dollars doing it ourselves (our yard guy was going to charge us $350 to do it). We got our mulch for $70 with free delivery. Ok, ok, enough with the mulch stories.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

The Week in Review...Sun. - SuperBowl XXXVIII in Houston, Texas. Watched on TV form the comfort of my home. Mon. - Worked on my personal website some. There is still much work to get done. Tues.- Worked some. The auction I had on EBay ended, I made $150 selling my old used clothes. I am actually happy about this because I would of given the clothes to Goodwill, so making $150 excellent - Yippie for me!!! Wed. - Worked some. Thurs .- Went to see a financial advisor, scary!, all those years of denial are finally catching up with me. After the meeting I was like "I am hungry, but can I really afford to go out to eat??" They get you all scared thinking about your future and how Social Security will not even pay for rent. Scary stuff. You guys might not see me out that much, I now know why people drink at home alone - it is A LOT cheaper. Fri. - Vegged at home. Watched Anything Else. Sat. - The word for the day was MULCH. I am now a MULCH goddess. I think mulch is one of those visual guy things, just like a 60 inch widescreen TV. To me the TV looks just the same as a 32 inch, but bigger, same as with mulch, I don't see a difference, but to John it makes all the difference in the world. Tomorrow another day of MULCH. Good Night.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Now Ms. Janet has come out saying that it was ALL her idea (exposing her breast)...MTV had nothing to do with it. It all smells funky to me!! She had already said that MTV knew. Well, maybe they made a deal with her, watch her get her own MTV special promoting her new album and get extra exposure...sell out!!! Justin must of thought it was a good idea too, I mean, I did see him pulling her clothes off...where is his statement taking part of the blame???

Anyway enough of that subject. Moving on...I am reading The Da Vinci Code . I love it and hate it at the same time. I love it because it is so good and hate it because I can not go to sleep. Every time I say, ok, I will just read to the end of this chapter something happens and I must continue to read. I have been up till 3am reading. I hear they are making a movie of the book. It could be interesting, I am always weird about those book to movie deals.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Janet's titty, Janet's titty its all people are talking about now days, so it seems fitting that I give the subject my 2 cents. First of all, I am pretty open about everything, nothing really shocks me any more, but I do think that the SuperBowl is not the place to be exposing yourself (yes, it was rehearsed, no "wardrobe malfunction" here). It's a family event that has been getting raunchier and raunchier with every passing year.

I guess this has become such a big deal because everyone is tired of being bombarded by half naked people on "free" tv every time they look. Now you have the FCC getting involved, MTV is blaming Janet, Janet is saying that MTV knew, Justin is saying there was a "malfunction", but laughed it off saying that they were there to shock. The only person I have not heard from is the designer of the dress (he/she could answer some questions).

By the way, in all this turmoil I have not heard one negative thing said about Justin. Why is Janet taking all the heat?? Justin was in charge of pulling on the dress, I mean, her breast would not of been exposed without his help.

Her breast (by the way, is a piercing not a cover-up, ouuuch)....

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Went to The Main Event last was awesome. It was great to see so much life and so many people in downtown. I still remember going to see Duran Duran at the Coliseum, back in the 80's. Right after the concert we were walking downtown and everything was dark and there were homeless people every where.

I have been seeing the changes take place in Downtown little by little. I have been a promoter of revitalizing Downtown every since I moved back form Boston. I hang out in Downtown Houston quite often mainly because most of my friends work Downtown and it is convenient to meet them there, but yesterday, seeing Downtown so lively brought tears to my eyes, my little baby had grown up.

We got to Downtown pretty early at around 7:00pm, we were lucky that my sister has contract parking, yeah, so parking was not a problem. We walked up Main Street and joined all the people in taking photos of the fountains as the rail went over them (good for you Houston!!). We walked looking for a bar that 1. We could get in and 2. That had no cover. We walked to Warren's, no cover, but it was packed, we walked in and to our surprised we found some friends. They were there and had a table (yippie for us!). We drank, sang songs, drank, met people, drank, bugged people (those crazy Panther fans), drank, took pictures, and drank some beer. After Warren's we hit the streets again, this time there were three times the amount of people out there. It was crazy. We walked, again trying to find a place with no cover, and we ended up at the Hunan Buddah SuperBowl Bash, not Zen at all. There were good tunes and of course beer. Oh, yeah, this girl, I am hoping was drunk, started stripping. She got up on one of the chairs next to the window and pulled her pants down!! We were like, no she didn't!!! But she did it again a few minutes later!!! The manager had to intervene. The stripping was over and so was our night in the new and improved Houston.