Monday, February 28, 2005

The Oscars

Everyone looked breathtaking last night in Hollywood. The dresses, the tuxes, the jewelry, the hairdos, and the bodies inside those dresses looked just amazing. Natalie Portman is just so pretty. Orlando Boom and Johnny Depp - MEAOW!!

I don't know if I liked the new format of having people stand onstage and wait for the announcement of the award, this was only done for behind the scenes work not for the actors, but I think it would have been more interesting to have the actors up there. I think it would have looked like the Ms. Universe pageant. Imagine...all the 5 finalists on stage waiting to hear who will be named the next Best Actress. All of the sudden a name is called - Hilary Swank - everyone yells and runs to hug her, she starts to cry and saying no, no, no, me?! me?! while shaking her head in disbelief. Finally someone gives her the statue and she makes her speech. Maybe next year.

Did anyone notice the amazon woman given out the statues on stage? I swear she towered over everyone by a foot. I was hoping they would stand her next to Prince, but they sent out someone else, this girl was still taller than Prince, who wouldn't be?, but at least she wasn't three feet taller than him.

Another thing that I was able to capture and re-watch thanks to the magic of TiVo was in two separate occasions see two separate individuals in the background totally asleep. Their heads were actually bobbing and the guy’s mouth was actually open. The other was a girl, how embarrassing. I guess that Josh Groban can put anyone to sleep.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


One question I asked myself yesterday was "Who the hell watches The Simple Life?" Does anyone out there find these girls endearing or entertaining in any sort of way? I mean if they were some off the street people with no real future I would say ok, maybe they are making a fool of themselves for the money, but no! You would think that with all the money they have, all they places they have been, all they can have, they would not come across as so annoying and ignorant. Are these girls 12?

American Idol - I was incredibly surprised that Melinda Lira was voted off the show. I actually thought she had done a good job, but I think she was right when she said that she had not received that much exposure on previous shows. I am glad she said something because that was exactly what I thought!! I remember seeing Judd Harris a couple of times and not seeing Jared Yates at all and they were both voted off!!

Also, what happened yesterday as Ryan announced the last male voted off? I thought the whole thing, if not a mistake, was kinda cruel. He told a row they were safe, made the other row get up, and then said that a guy (I think Jared) that was sitting down was off the show. The whole thing was weird to me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I Am One Of Those People...

I am one of those people, well, weird. I will put off listening to a new CD, from an artist I already love, to the last possible minute. I don't know why that is. I guess I just do not want to be disappointed.

I have had the new Rabanes CD since it came out, but had refused-?? to listen to it until a month a go. The only reason I finally listened to it was because I could not find the other Rabanes CD - Money Pa' Que - I was dying to hear.

I must say that the Rabanes did not disappoint this time around. I just love Ecolecua, their new album. It is a little more laid back than Money, but it still has the same mix of rock, funk, reggae, and folkloric sounds that I have just come to love from Rabanes.

Most of the songs are great, well, I could do without the one titled Panama, but I just love Pastilla del Amor and Sinverguenza.

If you guys are looking for something different to listen to I highly recommend Rabanes and you do not have to understand or even speak Spanish because most of their songs are a mix of Ingles y Espanol.

Monday, February 14, 2005

A Little Strange Thing Called Love

Love is a strange thing. There is no concrete meaning to the word love, it means different things to different people. I have been married for almost 10 years and I can tell you that the meaning changes all the time. Love sometimes means having someone there to share your life with, or make you feel better when the world is against you, or even having to carry you when you are down.

Love is also the hardest job I have ever had. I sometimes think that the whole love thing is a practical joke that got out of hand. I can just hear some one saying "let's put two people together from different places, different backgrounds, with different thoughts and opinions, and have them try to make a life together...ha, ha, let the games begin".

Some people compare love to a roller coaster, I compare love to driving. There are paved roads, rocky roads, hilly roads, some times you even make a wrong turn, leave the road before your exit comes, or just plainly run out of fuel. The worst is when you exit early, get lost, reach a dead end and have to find your way back to the main road and hope, with all your heart, that your partner did not get lost too and is waiting for you when you get there...and he always is. That, my friends, is love.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Women Getting Killed For Their Babies? WTF???

There is an epidemic going on. I am afraid to even talk to anyone (strangers) about my pregnancy and was told to keep it as quiet as possible on the internet. That is crazy to me. Gone are the days that you could have an innocent pregnancy talk with a stranger at the mall or while shopping for your unborn's clothes. Now days that person that innocently asks how far along you are and where you live can follow you out, kill you, cut you open and steal your baby.

So far, within 3 months, I have heard and read two news stories of this type of thing happening. The first one, back in December, was about an innocent pregnant lady that meet someone online after she placed an ad for a puppy. The perpetrator very innocently got the lady's info flew to her house, killed her, and took her baby! Read the whole story here.

The other perpetrator was not so lucky. The would be killer lured the pregnant women to her apartment by telling her a package had been mistakenly left there for her. After a struggle the nine month pregnant lady ended up killing the woman. Story here.

This is some crazy stuff.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


If Janet's saggy titty fiasco was too much for family television I think that Paul McCartney's part in this year's Superbowl was completely the opposite.

I was emailing some friends when I decided to check out the half time show, well, to my surprise it was over before I could see it. I was listening to it and heard only four songs played. The whole thing sounded pretty mellow to me.

I hope this year's half time show does not set a new precedent for things to come. I think that one "wardrobe malfunction" or a singer's bad choices should not ruin it for everyone. Afterall, the only reasons I watch the Superbowl are for the commercials and the halftime show. Football game?!, what game??

Do not get me wrong I do like Paul McCartney and at times have had to defend him for his "Wings" phase.

I just think the Superbowl did a 180 degree turn in coming up for the enterntainment for this year's half time show. Who are we going to see next year? Barney?