Wednesday, September 29, 2004

To Know or Not To Know

Well, I made it home last night. The trip was uneventful, a lot of work though. Tomorrow I am heading to Los Angeles. I have not been there in a while. I will only be there a night, so just enough time to see a friend.

Next week, I am heading to Chicago. In hopes of winning a new car I tried to register for Oprah's show, but they are all booked till November...oh, well.

On Monday I am having a Level II ultrasound. Since I do not have a thyroid they need to see how the Sequel is doing. This raises a good question...Do I want to find out the sex of the Sequel? Part of me says, no! It would be fun to wait till the end to see what it is. But, the other part says, find out. It would be nice to tell Baby Girl what the Sequel's sex is now instead of hearing her talk about the baby girl mommy is having. It will break my heart if she hates the Sequel because it is a boy. I just feel that I should prepare her now. If anyone has gone through this and has any advise I would LOVE to hear it. Baby Girl is 3 years old.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

On The Road Again...

I will be in Dallas from Monday to Wednesday, coming home, then flying to Los Angeles on Thursday. I really hope to blog from the road, so I will keep you guys posted.

Star Wars-ed Out

If I see anything else Star Wars related I am going to scream!! My husband went out, well, realistically, we bought it together, and got the new DVD release of Star Wars. Yeap, we watched them all - back to back to back. I hear the dark side theme in my head, like a bad ringing that does not go away.

Well, let me tell you guys, not only did we watched the movies, but my husband made it a point to tell me about all the enhanced scenes and all the gossip going around on the internet about episodes 7-9.

Do not get me wrong I am fan. I truly enjoy episodes 4-6 way, way, way more than 1 and 2, but I am so looking forward to episode 3. I think it will answer a lot of questions. I really hope it is well done and leaves any annoying characters (like Jar-Jar) out of the story.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

I Am Pissed...

I am very angry right now, not because of anything that happened to me, but because I feel my sister is being taken advantage off. I hate insurance companies!!!

My sister got hit (see Sept. 21 entry) by a person that does not have insurance, so she has to rely on her own insurance to cover her car. To sum things up...She is getting $4,300 for her car (she just put a new engine on it worth $4,000), once she gets a check she will have three days to return the rental car (which she has not gotten yet since she just got back in to town last night), in those three days she is expected to find a car and if she has to take time off from work they will not reimburse her for lost wages. Why should she be inconvenienced after someone hit her?!

Let me give you some background on my sister and her car. She has owned her little silver Toyota Celica since it rolled off the production line. Yeah, the car was a 1995, but it has less than 70,000 miles on it (my car is a 2001 and I am close to 45,000 already!). She loved it like it was her child, it even still had that new car smelled. I believe that she would of kept that car for another five years, but all that is gone since some lady decided to run a red light and destroy my sister's little piece of heaven.

There is no way that she will ever find a nice car, with low miles, and good working order for the $4,300 she is getting. That sucks!! By the way, she has Geico for her insurance. Now let me tell you about Geico...The will sell her old car for parts, and then sue the lady that hit my sister. They will end up making a nice profit. Assholes!!

Ok, yes, I am venting my anger, but think that it is very unfair what is happening. She would of been very happy with her car for a while longer, but now, through no fault of her own, she has to go and find a $4,300 dollar car. You all know how much it sucks to shop for a car and it sucks much more when they send you to the back of the lot where the $4,300 cars are at.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Yuck, it is 3:10am and I am working!! We are having issues, of course I should of known we would after they said that we were going to start promptly at midnight. Well, since I am here let's talk about my weekend...

It all started awesomely and went downhill real fast. On Friday J.R. and I invited some friends to join us at the Astros game. I invited Ms. Zam and I am glad she was able to make it, let me tell you guys, if you guys think she is funny you should meet her man. The game was awesome and the Astros kicked some Brewer butt.

After the game we decided to cross the street to get a beer and to catch up with some friends. After a while I told J.R. that we better go since Baby Girl needed to be picked up from my sister's house. I decided to call my sister when we got on the road and she starts a sentence with "I need to tell you something, but don't want you to get upset". I with all the calmness that I could muster said "ok, what is it?". She proceed to tell me that she and Baby Girl had gone out with a friend of hers and that on the way home some lady ran a red light and hit them!!! I remained calm.

After making sure she and Baby Girl were ok I was left with the task of letting J.R. know what had happened. He freaked and, of course, took me with him. We made it to the accident scene in no time - J.R. was driving and cursing everyone that got in our way. Baby Girl and my sister were ok, just a little shook up.

We did not make it home till almost 2AM. It took the police over three hours to get there and take down the information. Hell. I felt bad for J.R. he had to get up a 5AM to take a plane to Boston. I think he is still tired.

On Sunday, my sister had to be dropped off at the airport, so to make things easier Baby Girl and I spent the night at her house Saturday night.

That was my weekend. Today, I am still working with no end in sight.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Utterly Jealous

I am so jealous of thin people and now pretty much everyone qualifies as thin to me!

There has to be some 800 number I dial to let all catalogue companies know that I am pregnant and that in no way, shape, or form do I want to see their thin models showing me clothes I will not be able to wear for a while (10 months if I am lucky).

I do not get mad, or I have always gotten mad?, when I get the Victoria's Secret catalogue mainly because I know I never looked like them, but it is the Anthropologie and designer catalogues that really bug me. They are teasing me! All I can do is flip through the pages and sigh.

I have done my best to look super cute being pregnant, but is hard because maternity clothes are either ugly or super expensive (giving the 5 more months I will be wearing them) and not very creative. All pregnant women end up looking the same after a while.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Sleepless in Houston

It happened again! Another sleepless night. The theme for last night was 80s movies, well, started out with 80s songs (thanks to Diva Diversions that posted about her favorite song), but since I am not a fan of 80s music the subject quickly turned to 80s movies. Please, please, please, lets keep in mind that during the 80s I was between 9 and 18 years of age, before you post comments about my taste in movies.

There are two movies that I clearly remember watching, but for different reasons. One was Footloose and the other was Terms of Endearment. I just loved Footloose, I loved it so much that I actually paid to see that movie three times. Whatever happened to the girl that played Lori anyway?

The only reason I remember watching Terms of Endearment is because I was babysitting some kid and his mother took us to the movies. Everything was sold out and Terms was the only movie available. I don't even remember half the story, the only thing I remember was that the theatre was so packed that I felt like a sardine.

Aside from those experiences I was a HUGE fan of all things Hughes, John Hughes that is. I love Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and The Breakfast Club.

During my teens I was also a horror film junkie. I don't think there was one 80s horror film I did not see. I don't even go near the stuff now - no way, no how!

Well, I really hope I am able to catch some ZZZs tonight. Looking at the bright side, me not sleeping does gives me some things to blog about ;)

Monday, September 13, 2004

Going Ape

Yesterday I just could not go to sleep. Well, I went to sleep and woke up and could not go back to sleep. As I tossed and turned in bed hoping to get some shut eye I began thinking of the movie Planet of the Apes. I am a huge fan of the film and watched it all the time when I was young.

As a laid in bed, I pretty much went through the whole movie in my head and then the sequels, but something stumped me...I do not remember who or what warned the past humans to kill little Caesar (the baby talking/thinking monkey that eventually would enslave humankind)?

If anyone knows please let me know I have been thinking about it all day.

Saturday, September 11, 2004


I am without words. Sigh. Sad.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Awesome Show

Yesterday I watched PBSs Great Performances - John Lennon's Jukebox - It was awesome, Kudos PBS!!

The show took a look at Lennon's musical inspirations through his jukebox. The jukebox was not one of those huge, corner of the bar, ones, but a little portable one, pretty cool. The jukebox was hauled around as the bands and singers whose 45s were inside the jukebox were interviewed. As the singers were talking their much younger pictures were shown as well as old footage, and videos.

The documentary portrayed such singers as Fontella Bass, Otis Redding (One of my favorite singers), Donovan, The Lovin' Spoonful, and many others. The only aspect of the show I did not like was that someone, somewhere, saw fit to involve Sting in critiquing the singers. What the hell was he doing there?! Just because he is British does not give him any insight into Lennon's tastes.

In a personal note, I have always wondered about the lives of black singers/musicians during that period (50s, 60s, and for that matter 70s). I know that their music was extremely popular and that whites as well as blacks bought their albums, but how does one cope with being a popular musician and at the same time not being able to drink from the same water fountain, or use the same bathroom as whites do?

As I was discussing this with J.R. his initial response was "Discrimination only existed in the south", a myth that a lot of people believe, until I told him that Boston was one of the last cities to desegregate its schools. The show Welcome Back Kotter was not even shown in Mass. because the did not want to show a black man in a desegregated school. The show first aired in 1975!!!

Ok, yes, I am going in a tangent here, but I just think it would be interesting to know how awesome black singers coped with their greatness when faced with such adversities.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

GMAIL - Again

Once again I have got a million invites to Gmail. If any of you would like one please do not be shy. Just ask and you shall receive. Email me at:

Monday, September 06, 2004

I Did Nothing...

I did nothing this weekend. Not even the dirty laundry that has been staring at me for two weeks.

On Saturday it was my mom's bday. The family got together and took her out to eat. After dinner we drove home, opened gifts, and had cake...that is pretty much the extend of my weekend.

World News...What the f&*k is going on in Russia. My heart goes out to them. This just proves that those Muslim Fundamentalist are crazy. They will even kill children to get their point across. The whole world is their target.

Today I read that those terrorist, the ones in Russia, were funded an Al-Qaeda cell in that country. They are everywhere. There are no safe places anymore.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Kobe Not Going to the Big House

Ok, for all those living under a rock, it was announced yesterday that the rape case against Kobe Bryant has been dropped.

For my taste the whole thing was a bit too dramatic, I mean, Kobe is an asshole that gets any girl that crosses his path just because he is a celebrity. This is not the first time he has cheated on his wife, but was the first time he got caught. On the other side, you have a psycho girl, well, that is what the defense team was saying after they interviewed over 10 of her past lovers, that slept with Kobe because he is a celebrity, cried rape, and now refuses to stand up for herself!...All crap if you ask me. The case had so many wholes in it since it started that I tuned out.

My advise, let it go America, the case was a joke and the fact that the news media thought the announcement last night was important enough to interrupt my regularly scheduled program pisses me off even more.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Who Lives Down the Street From You???

Have you guys ever wondered how many sex offenders live down the street from you? I actually had not until I ran into the TDPSs Crime Records Service website and found out that there are around 10 sexual sex offenders living in my zipcode...scary!!

The site gives you all their stats including their address, how many offenses they have had, and even a photo of the predator.

I know some of these guys and gals have done their time, are rehabilitated, and deserve a fair chance, but at the same time it is hard to be open minded when you have kids that are running around the neighborhood. It is a scary world out there.