Saturday, July 09, 2011


I hate online dating!! Just in case you did not get it the first time. I think it is the most retarded thing ever created, but like everyone single in the 21st century I gotta play the game. The worst site ever is eHarmony! I don't understand how they get away charging people money for a site you can't control. I tried to cancel my account and was told I was already 8 hours from the cancellation dateline. WTF?! I am an innocent bystander in my dating life!! I get around 7 "matches" emailed to me daily, from those seven, half are of no interest to me and the others, well, they are a maybe. What sucks the most is that I think it is the perfect cover for married men that want to find dates. You can't search for people so their partner has no way of knowing if they are on there...unless they sign up too and get matched!! But they can scape being found out be choosing different preferences. It is just a horrible, horrible site. All I got to say is that if a ever get a date I am ordering $150 worth of food and drinks. I am going to have to get my money back somehow!