Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Song in My Head

I must get Maroon 5's She Will be Loved out of my head. I have been singing it all day and to be honest I am getting delusional since I think I actually sound good singing it. Help!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Back In Another 4 Years

The Olympics were great this time. There was a great opening ceremony, awesome scenery, and yes, there were sports in there somewhere. Kudos Greece for a great show! And, boo to NBC for having retarded reporters. On several occasions I heard the following conversation...reporter (interviewing a silver medalist) - "So where did you go wrong? Where could you of improved?" Athlete (trying to be pleasant) - "I did the best I could; I did win a silver medal!!" I mean hello! Retards!

Ok, back to my life...I am heading to Cleveland this week. Traveling is getting old. Yuck. I am happy that I get a lot of Hotel points and will not have to pay for a hotel anywhere I decide to go on vacation, but, on the other hand am like, do I have to go? It should be a short trip and I hope to blog when I get back.

Hey does anyone watch Nip/Tuck?? I think they are going for shock value this season. In the last 3 episodes my jaw has dropped and it has stayed open for a good 5 minutes ;) A good show, but very intense at times.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Here I am...

I have not posted all week, somehow it feels weird. As you guys know I was in Phoenix and thanks to my company (The Internet Nazis) I was not able to get out to the internet. That completely sucks. I plan to write a strong worded letter to the powers that be this week...I mean, for a company that prides itself in being ahead of the pack dialing-up at 19.9KBS is just not right.

Phoenix was hot, what else can I say. I think is funny, but every time I visit someone, somewhere always busts out that "dry heat" crap. I am sorry, but when the heat gets to be over 100F it does not matter whether is dry or humid, either way, is fricking hot!!!

Well, I am home now and should be this week. Yippie for me.

Olympics Update
On Wednesday I stayed up to watch the Women's Gymnastics Team Finals. During the whole time I watched only two thoughts came to mind.
1. I guess the girls must have been training for a good amount of years, in seclusion, far away from human contact and any episode of Sex and The City, not to notice that scrunchies are completely out. And
2. What is up with the funky eye makeup?

Ok, guys I am heading to the Bad Art Night tomorrow, if any of you guys are interested I would love to meet you. Go to Htown Blogs for more info.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Babe Parade

This weekend the Olympics started. On Friday I sat there glued to the TV waiting for the Panama athletes to show up. I was kinda disappointed because the athletes were shown very quickly before the station cut to a commercial break. Oh, well. Anyway, the Parade of Nations or "Babe Parade" was a sight to be had. I don't know if it is because they are young, built, cute, or maybe that shine in their eyes that says "anything is possible" that made them all super adorable.

I do have a bone to pick. Ok, now when the girls play beach volleyball they play in a sport two-piece, super tight and leaving little to the imagination. I waited patiently for the guys to play and expecting to see them in a Speedo and no shirt I was surprise to see them in tank tops and loose sports shorts...whaaaaat the helllll?? There is just no justice in the world.

Anyway, I did find a cool way to get Baby Girl involved with the Olympics. Every time a country would come up we would look it up in the world globe. Now before we sit down to watch she gets the globe and asks me questions.

I am going to Phoenix this week for work. I hope is not too hot ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Houston We Have A Cold Front

Wow, hoo, Yeah!! The weather is so awesome today that I feel hot being indoors. It is almost 1pm and the weather is 79 degrees. Yippie for us!!! Tonight is going down in the 60s.

Ok, ok, maybe I am going a little crazy with the weather, but 2 weeks ago the thermostat in my car flashed 103 degrees, so 79 is heaven to me.

This nice cool front is supposed to last till Sunday so I think we are doing a lot of outdoor activities. Guys, enjoy it before it goes back to a dreaded 99 degrees.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Has anyone noticed how Catherine Zeta-Jones looks like crap in those T-Mobile commercials? Her hair looks like it is stuck on. The commercials are doing nothing for her image and someone must tell her.

Amish in the City
After reading some blogs I decided to check out Amish in the City for myself. If you ask me the Amish kids are pretty normal compared to that extremely vegan Ariel girl that thinks that cows are aliens and that milk is their piss! She is also not that bright. When one of the Amish kids made a comment about Abraham Lincoln eating eggs she said, and I quote, "then he probably died at 35".

Well, the show is ok. Once you get the Amish kids in normal clothes you just have a another Real World show including the drama, yelling, and fighting.

The 4400
What was up with that ending??!! Am I to assume that it will become a regular series now, instead of the Epic Mini Series it was labeled under? USA Network has given no time on when The 4400 will return, if at all. If I have to wait till next summer I will be completely pissed.

Completely awesome this season.

Last Comic Standing
The finale is tonight. I think Alonso is super funny, but Gary is super cute (I work with his mother and she would kill me if I did not vote for him). Good Luck Gary!!!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Baby Girl Turns 3

I have been pretty busy all week, not with work, but with putting together my daughter's 3rd bday party.

The party took place Saturday afternoon, because of the usual August heat we decided to start the party at 5pm (if I would of known that the weather was going to be awesome I would of started the party a little earlier).

We had a great turnout. We had over 45 guests, well, before you guys say - 45 guests for a three year old?!!! - you guys must understand that we have a lot of family friends. Not family, but people that we have known forever and that must be part of our family's special day.

When it comes to parties I am a little weird. I used to be an event coordinator so when I think about parties I think pretty big. Some people think that it is odd that a I plan and put so much effort in putting together her parties, but people must understand that we have gone from having three parties a year to just one, mainly because we live so far away and asking our friends to make the drive so often would be pretty inconsiderate.

Anyway, back to the party, I must say (patting my own back) that the party turned out pretty good. We had a princess/medieval theme. We served turkey legs, corn on the cob, assorted breads, berry fruit salad...well, everything that would go with the time period. We had an awesome dragon pinata. The Pinata Place did an awesome job. We rented the Disney Princess castle bouncer. The bouncer is 5 sided and has all the princesses on top, super cute. The cake was a 2-D crown. To top the whole thing I hired a "Princess" that came in dressed like Sleeping Beauty and dressed all the kids up in costumes, put makeup on the girls and mustaches and beards on the boys, played games, gave them prices, and told the kids a story. She was GREAT.

We had a great time well, the party is not over yet, now is time to write all those thank you cards.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Sorry Guys...

It took me 6 hours and 2 phones calls to find out that my thyroid medicine needs to be adjusted, well, not even that, the nurse said that they will retest my thyroid next time just to see if there is a change. That took me 72 hours to find out?!!!

I had to make two calls to the doctors office before anyone would call me back and I think the only reason anyone called me back was because I left them a message that went something like this..."This is the second message I have left for you guys. Someone called me on Friday and asked me to call you guys back. I am assuming that something is wrong since you guys said that you would only call me if there was something wrong with the tests. I am worried, so if someone could call me back I would really appreciate it". When the nurse called me back I asked her why she would leave a message like that on a recorder and she said that if it was something really serious they would not leave a message - what is up with that?!

I just thought that since I was terminally ill they were not bothering with me since they were not going to be able to squeeze that much more money out of me. Damn PPO!

I am glad it is just my thyroid and not something more serious. Thanks you guys for being so concerned, I really appreciate it. Hugs.