Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Calling all Handbag Lovers

I know I have not blogged in forever, I am sorry. I just poked my head here to share an AWESONE site with you guys. It is called Bag Borrow or Steal. You can pretty much RENT a designer bag!! Or you can buy one of the gently used bags on the “Outlet”. Check it out. See, see, I do think of you guys.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To Leave or Not To Leave

I need your advice…I am contemplating quitting my job. Life has gotten really hectic now days. I am busy 24/7, it has gotten to the point that I can not keep up with the house or everyday responsibilities. My house looks like a war zone most of the time.

Early this year I started my own business, my very own LLC, yippie for me. Every thing is going well with it and would love to be able to spend real; I mean real time, not a couple of hours here and there, doing things to promote the business.

My company - the paying job - has been going through a lot of changes. A month ago 50 people were laid off. Part of me would like be laid off, because I would have more of a “their loss” attitude. If I have to quit I think I will regret it somewhat. I think I will cry for a week. I have been there for seven years.

JR says he will support my decision, but I feel like me not working or “pulling my own weight” will be an issue. I feel like I will have to justify my very expensive taste or that I would have to ask him for permission to buy something. I know that the issue WILL come up and that will have me running to the nearest McDonald to flip some burgers!

I am so confused right now. I also feel that I will never be to get another job. Someone help! Ok, if any of you out there have gone through this let me know how it turned out – and make it a happy ending. Just kidding. I just really want to know about the transition between bread winner to bread beggar.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Headed for Divorce

Did we have any bets on how long Britney and K-Fed’s marriage would last? I think someone somewhere owes me lunch.

That must suck, ok, not only was she married to a backup dancer for two years, but she has two kids by that man. They are going to have to see each other for the rest of their lives. How much fun is that?! And their youngest kid is only two months old. Crap.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Warning – eBay Scam

On Sunday night my auctions ended and as I was in the process of emailing invoices, the second the auctions ended, I got an email sent through eBay telling me that they wanted to buy my product and if it was still for sale.

Now, I never, ever click on the “response now” link on the eBay messages without checking the auction number on the message first. I did that, and the number was a bogus one.

The same thing happened again when I was uploading auction items!

I guess those scammers know you are so busy, caught up with eBaying, that you will most likely not check the link before clicking on it.

Beware – if they get your eBay log on they can get your PayPal info.

Be careful.

**This has been a public service announcement, we now return you to your regular scheduled program.