Sunday, August 09, 2009

George Strait

Had a wonderful time at the George Strait concert last night. We actually did not leave the house until 7:15pm and made it to Reliant Stadium to hear a couple of songs from Sugarland. We got there so late that we did not have to pay the $30 parking fee! Score!! Anyway, George Strait was great.


Greg said...

Hey! Glad you had two nice concerts. On the 19th I'm going to the Woodlands for the first concert I've been to since ZZ Top in the '90s. I'm only going because my ex bought me a ticket. It's Cheap Trick (love them), Def Leppard (watchable, listenable), and Poison (gag). I told her I was going to heckle Poison. Of course I won't. I was only joking.

Greg said...

Cheap Trick blew me away. I looked for you guys. Sorry I didn't see you there.

Greg said...

Hola, Chica